About Us

DiabetesSupply.ca was started by two pharmacists based in Victoria BC. Both Pharmacists being Certified Diabetes Educators found that persons with diabetes had a difficult time getting access to diabetes supplies through e-commerce companies as it is such a specialty. Many larger companies did not cater to these clients.

Being Pharmacists and CDEs we understand that people living with Type 1 diabetes are the experts. We want to empower our clients and customers with the products they need at the prices they want. 

We're happy to submit any eligible purchases to your insurance provider for coverage on insulin, and strips etc. 
Lily Mignault
Thanks for checking out our site! We're happy you're here.
Lily Mignault Pharmacist R.Ph. CDE
Jason Cridge R.Ph. CDe
I'm happy to bring the convenience of online shopping and competitive prices to people with diabetes in BC and Alberta. Thanks for checking our the website. Let us know if there's anything you think we should carry.
Jason Cridge Pharmacist R.Ph. CDE